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STA Flexible Raumsysteme

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Optimize your production plant with in-plant structures of
flexible room systems

You would like to create new rooms in your production building or at your logistics site? You plan to separate or to structure parts of it? You can do so with our flexible room system. Whether you need an office, a group room, a training room or a warehouse office - with sta flexible room systemsyou optimize your work environment and create new space within weeks.


Realize your room idea with sta flexible room systems!
With sta flexible room systems , you create your own rooms. The solutions are highly flexible regarding size, reusability and adaption to the local conditions. Typical room solutions are in-plant structures like hall offices, group rooms, training rooms, measuring rooms, break rooms, canteens, sanitary installations, stairs, etc.

Jetzt wird angeRAUMt!

Start your planning now!
Enter your planning with our configurator. Choose the components of your new room. You will receive a pdf drawing and an estimative offer for your system room.
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Window element
Glass element
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Full wall element
Door element
Gain more space with our system ROOM modules

With sta flexible room systems you realize up to three-storey in-plant structures by using standardized lightweight construction solutions. The modules can be extended and combined or equipped with additional options. Even in badly accessible areas a practical solution is possible. We use a 3D planning software, so that you can see a realistic view of the object at an early stage of the project.


sta flexible room systems convince customers by short delivery times, cost efficiency and a fast assembly by our experts. Satisfied customers are the basis of our success. We operate closely with you as our client. We listen carefully and join our experiences with your requirements.