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About us

Germany’s economy is dominated by strong mid-market enterprises and sta group is a part of it.

Click through this pages showing our corporate culture. Of course, we focus on the products of our divisions sound insulation and room systems. As a family company, values like commitment to the region and our employees or a sustainable use of resources are as important as satisfied customers and profitable business.

We would like to present us to you!


Schalltechnische Anlagen GmbH
Shareholders: Dipl.-Ing. Roger Kunze and Michael Theis

Incorporation: 1986
Employee: 98

Full service provider for sound insulation systems

Target group: Plant and machine manufacturers as well as operators in all industrial sectors

Assembly and delivery worldwide

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The Success Story

Since 1976 sta changes and improves successfully the locations of clients. A good sense of space, efficient sound insulation and a good floor plan are visible and noticeable for all clients. But how did this success story start?

sta has developed from a regional specialist to a provider, who meets global demands and sells its products worldwide.

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1976Company TTA GmbH in Hamm an der Sieg starts first activities regarding sound insulation.

1986A division becomes a company. The foundation of sta Schalltechnische Anlagen GmbH in Mühlental in Hamm an der Sieg enables a focus on sound insulation solutions for industrial purposes.

1989Safety at work and sound insulation...

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What we stand for

Wherever man and machine share industrial work space, efficient sound insulation and fostering spatial conditions are a commitment.


We do our best to offer our clients customized solutions for individual sound insulation and good working conditions.

As a family company, norms and values are an important factor for us, especially regarding our clients, employees and business partners. Our values are our concept on the way to our corporate objectives. In all our actions we are aware of our economic and social responsibility.

These are our values

Commitment for our clients and for their employees  |  Productivity and humane working conditions are compatible in present day’s society. sta feels obliged to the client to create the best solution possible and to keep in view all economic aspects.

Individual solutions  |  Satisfied customers are the basis of our success. We attentively listen and combine our experiences with your requirements. Our module systems provide individual solutions by the flexible use of...

Quality is a attitude

Sound insulation is important for preserving health and thus, quality comes first. Quality means, to do the right things in the right way. sta would like to place all its long-lasting experience in sound insulation at your disposal. We are sure that our products will be rewarding for you in the short or long term.

These are our standards

  • Working people as beneficiary
  • Intensive planning
  • Consulting
  • Our products are reliable
  • Certification
  • Progress in quality

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Our Employees

Sound insulation and room systems are products for specialized work environments. New challenges arise day by day, which can only be solved in a good team. sta has more than 100 employees from different fields who work interdisciplinarily on the common assignments. And that’s what you can count on as a client, a colleague or a future employee.

Content Employees  |  sta appreciates its employees and supports job security by career advancement by the management. We are pleased that sta has a very low employee turnover and a healthy age structure.

Education  |  Education is an important point for us. We care for the best skilled trainees for our company future.

Loyalty to Location  |  We employ people from the local area and strengthen by this the base Hamm an der Sieg.