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With flexible space systems you can easily create new spaces. We provide you with numerous options to restructure areas in your production halls. Our room-in-room solutions can be used in a variety of ways and offer a cost-effective alternative when sound or laser protection is not required.


  • Low effort and fast delivery
  • Individual design of the plant through a variety of standard components
  • Possibility of realization on several floors or on one stage incl. stairs, platforms, railings as well as the corresponding safety equipment


  • Pleasant indoor climate thanks to the possibility of integrated air conditioning
  • Various applications, such as master office, break room, changing room etc.
  • Simple adaptations and extensions due to modular design
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Optionally with insulated floor or acoustic ceiling
Trennwandsystem Raumsysteme Raum In Raum Eingeschoss Sta Flexraum
Trennwandsystem Trennwaende Raum In Raum Eingeschoss Sta Flexraum
Trennwandsystem Raumsysteme Raum In Raum Zweigeschoss Sta Flexraum
Trennwandsystem Buehnensysteme Raum In Raum Eingeschoss Sta Flexraum
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Do you want to create new rooms in your production halls or at your logistics locations, separate areas or clearly structure them? You can do that with our flexible room systems. Whether master offices, group and training rooms or warehouse offices, with sta-logo Flexible Room Systems you can optimize your working environment and thus create extra space within just a few weeks.

Realize your space idea with sta-logo Flexible Room Systems.
With sta-logo Flexible Room Systems you create your own rooms. The solutions are highly flexible in terms of size, recyclability and adaptation to local conditions. Typical room solutions are hall fixtures such as hall offices, master offices, group rooms, training rooms, team rooms, measuring rooms, break rooms, canteens, sanitary fixtures, staircases and and and.

Optimal SPACE gain with our system room modules

With sta-logo Flexible Room Systems, you can build up to 3-story hall fixtures with us using standardized lightweight construction solutions. The modules can be extended and combined as well as equipped with additional extras. Even in impassable areas, a practicable room solution is feasible. We use our 3D planning software for planning and projecting. In this way, you can see a realistic picture of the room project in the early project phase.

sta-logo Flexible room systems convince with short delivery times, cost efficiency and fast assembly by our own qualified personnel. Satisfied customers are the basis of our success. We listen carefully and combine our experience with your needs.

Automotive industry. Equipment manufacturers. End customers.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you assemble the modules into a room yourself?

Answer: Yes, of course you can. However, our recommendation is that you save time and money if you have the room installed by our team.

Can the hall fixtures be installed anywhere?

Answer: Due to the flexibility and element construction, it is possible to make any adaptation to the local conditions.

Are there only standard dimensions?

Answer: No, with fitting walls as solid or glass wall elements, all intermediate dimensions are also covered.

How many floors can a hall have?

Answer: The system can be built up to 3 stories.

Is it possible to extend this system?

Answer: Due to the element construction and the standardized designs, each cabin can be extended. Due to the individual prices stated in the offer/order, the costs for an extension can be determined by yourself.

Is it possible to add another floor at a later date?

Answer: Because the elements are basically designed for 2-storey construction, it is possible to add a 2nd storey subsequently to the existing hall office without any problems.

My hall area is smaller than the standard dimension?

Answer: The height of the elements can be changed in the factory, so that any height can be realized without high additional costs.

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A room in room concept offers many advantages

Wherever laser technology is used, special safety precautions are needed to protect people from laser beams. Laser beams pose a serious risk to humans, as both eyes and skin can be damaged during irradiation. With us, you will find a wide range of options for implementing protective measures in your company. All our laser protection variants are innovative and meet the highest standards. A popular laser protection variant among our customers are so-called laser cabins. Models made of aluminum cassettes, which are equipped with a laser spy sensor system, offer optimal protection and enable a safe working environment for your employees. If you have any questions about laser cabins or other laser protection options, please contact us! We develop optimal solutions for you, which provide safe working conditions.

Team rooms – room in room solution

Team rooms are very important when you want to discuss things with your employees. Exchanges between employees are also made possible by a suitable team room. For example, your employees can give each other updates, discuss how to proceed and, if necessary, make change requests or give stimuli. However, in many production halls and logistics locations, there are no special rooms available for this purpose. In this case, partition wall systems or mobile room systems are a good solution. Within your production hall, you can divide areas or create entire rooms. This allows you to have team rooms, as well as other important rooms, directly on site at your production facility. So you don’t have to rent another property and look for external rooms. This makes your and your employees’ everyday work much easier and also allows you to make efficient use of the space you have available.

Flexible room systems – Professional, personalized solutions

At Sta Group you can choose between many different options. We offer room systems in different shapes and sizes. Even multi-level room systems are possible! Our 3D planning software allows us to create flawless plans that make the most of the space available to you. The visual representation also allows us to take you through the planning process and present you with your options. In this way, we create a space system that fully meets your requirements. Even difficult cases, where for example space problems prevail, we can help professionally. Since we develop personalized solutions for each of our customers, we can ultimately offer suitable room systems for everyone. Flexible space systems at Sta Group means being able to count on a comprehensive service as well as on individualized projects. If you are interested, do not hesitate any longer! Contact us without any obligation.

Modular room systems easy to configure yourself

On our clear and easy to understand website you can easily configure room in room systems individually yourself. By planning your room-in-room system yourself, you can optimally adapt it to your ideas and to your premises. The configuration is very easy and fast. Plan room systems for your production hall from the comfort of your own home and enjoy short delivery times. If you have any questions, we are of course at your disposal at any time. Simply contact us by e-mail or phone and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you. On our website you can also get an idea of the versatile possibilities which are available to you. As an example, you will find there digitally displayed room systems, which are intended to show different variants.

Iso panels office/room systems office made and installed by Sta Group

Iso panels belong to a very popular way to realize room in room systems. A so-called insulated wall consists of two steel or aluminum elements, which enclose the intermediate insulation material. With such insulated walls, stable room systems can be built quickly and easily. Windows and other elements can of course be integrated individually as desired. If you wish to have an Iso Panel office, we are the right partner for you! After a purchase, your room in room office will be delivered promptly and professionally installed by our competent personnel. You will receive modern and efficient room systems from Sta Group at fair conditions, which will allow you to make the best use of your space. Trust in our expertise and turn to us when it comes to room systems.

Room container break room office sustainably improves the working day

Sta Group offers room systems for companies at a fair price-performance ratio. Since our highly competent team has already planned and implemented many projects, we can help you professionally. Whether it is a break room, office or conference room Sta Group builds your personalized room container and optimizes your and your employees’ workday in a sustainable way. Offer your employees a progressive, practical working environment, which leaves room for individual development, and let us build useful room systems for you. Satisfied employees work better and more efficiently, which has a positive effect on your company. By investing in high quality space systems, you will be able to upgrade your production hall or facility in no time. For an efficient and optimized working day, room systems are worthwhile in the long run. Sta Group helps you find a suitable room system for your purpose and takes care of all the associated tasks. From the planning to the procurement of materials to the exact implementation and assembly of the room containers. Just tell us your vision and let us do the work! We are already looking forward to meeting you.