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A high noise level reduces the concentration and performance of your employees. With closed soundproof booths, you keep machine noise away from your employees. sta-logo works with you to develop the specific best of all soundproofing solutions. Your soundproof booth will be individually planned, designed, manufactured and finally installed according to your requirement profile.


When your employees can work without noise pollution, concentration and performance increase. Consistent noise protection with soundproof booths reduces the error rate in your production.

In contrast to enclosures, the interior of soundproof booths can be walked on. With regard to construction, sound insulation, accessibility and ventilation, sta-logo offers you a wide range of variants and options. Whatever your space conditions are – sta-logo soundproof booths fit perfectly!


  • Openings for air and material through sound locks
  • Light barrier systems control the material airlocks
  • Different insulation materials depending on sound requirements
  • sta-logo soundproof booths can be installed indoors and outdoors
  • Varying forms of lighting: Linear luminaires or LED
  • Several variants for glazing: polycarbonate, Ipaphon, safety glass
  • Access possibilities through hinged doors, sliding doors, angled sliding doors
  • Ventilation by fans, baffles or silencers

Use sta-logo soundproof booths as a solution for:

  • Control stations in industrial plants
  • Test cabins for measurement during ongoing series production
  • Control stations for production lines
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Powerful soundproof cabins from sta

When it comes to reducing noise as effectively as possible, sta‘s high-performance soundproof cabins can be a great solution. Our soundproof cabins are specially designed to effectively isolate noise sources and thus provide a noise-reduced environment. The soundproof cabins are characterized by a high degree of robustness and stability and thus offer a solution that is both reliable and durable. At the same time, they are flexible and, thanks to their various designs, can be used for different areas of application – from machine control to workstations. The soundproof cabins from sta can thus be used to specifically reduce disturbing ambient noise and thus ensure more peace and concentration.

Efficiency at a new level: How our soundproof cabins optimize workplaces

In today’s work environment, it is increasingly important that employees can work in a pleasant and stress-free environment. Soundproof cabins offer an effective solution here. Our soundproof cabins are specially designed to reduce noise and thus improve the working environment. By using high-quality materials that absorb and reflect sound, our soundproof cabins offer a new level of efficiency. Employees can concentrate better and get their work done in peace. In addition, the cabins help allow for undisturbed communication without disturbing colleagues in the same room. If needed, we can customize soundproof cabins and adapt them to individual customer needs to create an optimal working environment.

Quality meets silence – why you should choose us as your soundproof cabins manufacturer

Noise can not only be annoying, but also harmful to health. Noise in the workplace can lead not only to concentration difficulties, but also to hearing loss or stress symptoms. This is the reason why soundproof cabins have become indispensable in many industries. As a soundproof cabin manufacturer, quality is our top priority. We offer our customers not only reliable protection against noise, but also a pleasant working environment. Our products meet the highest standards and allow you to work more productively and efficiently. Therefore, we are proud to offer our customers the best quality as a soundproof cabin manufacturer.

Buy soundproof cabin – The future of noise reduction for your business

Buying a soundproof cabin can be the future of noise reduction for businesses. The right amount of noise and sound is a critical factor in workplace well-being. However, it can be difficult to work with concentration in a noisy environment. Soundproof cabins offer an effective solution to reduce noise levels in the workplace. They can be customized and configured specifically to meet the needs of your business. Choosing a soundproof booth can also help protect employees from noise-related illnesses such as tinnitus or hearing loss. Soundproof cabins allow companies to create a productive and comfortable work environment while protecting the health and well-being of employees.

This is how our customers are already successfully using the soundproof cabin

A soundproof cabin can be used in many different applications – and our customers have already recorded numerous successful uses. For example, industrial plants use control cabins in soundproof cabins to protect employees from high noise levels. Test cabins are also often used to perform acoustic measurements while production continues. Control stations for production lines are also often installed in soundproof cabins to create the most comfortable working environment possible. If you too are looking to purchase a soundproof cabin, we can assist you with our expertise and wide range of suitable solutions.

Many customization options

If you are looking for a soundproof cabin, we have many customization options to meet your company’s needs. Sound locks allow openings for air and material, while light barrier systems control the material locks. Different insulating materials can be selected according to sound requirements, and soundproof cabins can be placed both indoors and outdoors. There are various forms of lighting, such as linear lights or LED, as well as different variants for the glazing, such as polycarbonate, Ipaphon or safety glass. Access options such as hinged doors, sliding doors or angled sliding doors are also available, and ventilation and exhaust systems can be implemented using fans, baffles or silencers. If you want to buy a soundproof cabin, you will be able to customize it with us from sta.

The advantages of soundproof cabins from sta summarized

If you want to buy a soundproof cabin , there are a number of advantages that you will find with us at sta. Our soundproof cabins are extremely flexible and can be designed to meet the exact requirements of the customer. They are also very cost effective and offer you excellent value for money. We are also solution-oriented and goal-focused, offering expertise recommendations and additional implementation support. In addition, we offer a holistic service, which means you get everything from a single source, including comprehensive support and guidance through projects. Contact us today without obligation, we will be happy to advise you!