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sta-logo reduces noise in print shops.

Whether commercial printing, rotary printing, gravure printing or newspaper printing. Printing processes mean speed and high noise levels. Legislation requires that noise levels in the printing and paper industry be reduced to below 83 dB(A). sta-logo helps you to safely comply with the legally required limits or even achieve a better result below 70 dB(A). For the benefit of your employees.


Noise protection measures from sta-logo focus equally on human health and high production output. Our solutions protect people’s hearing, are space-saving and have been tried and tested for years.

sta-logo Noise control fits into every print store:

  • the noise source folder is combated with enclosures
  • Control consoles around the control panel protect the operator from continuous noise disturbance
  • Noise-absorbing wall cladding reduces the general acoustic climate in print shops

Comply with sound insulation regulations. sta-logo reduces noise at:

  • Commercial printing
  • Gravure printing
  • Newspaper printing
  • Web offset printing
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Sound insulation in the printing industry with sta

In the printing industry, noise control is an important aspect that is often neglected. After all, the machines and equipment used in a print shop can be very loud and cause employees to suffer from noise pollution. To address this issue, soundproofing measures are taken, such as installing special soundproof walls in the print shop. These print shop walls absorb sound and thus provide a quieter working environment. However, it is also important that employees are informed about soundproofing and wear hearing protection to protect their health. A comprehensive soundproofing strategy in the printing industry can not only improve the health of employees, but also increase the productivity of the print shop.

The benefits of improved soundproofing for the printing industry

Improved sound insulation can not only reduce noise levels, but also increase employee efficiency and productivity. Especially when various printing presses are located in one room, sound waves can quickly disturb and create unpleasant sounds. However, installing soundproofing print shop walls can effectively solve these problems. Such protection not only protects against noise, but also provides a healthier working environment and reduces the risk of hearing damage and stress conditions for employees. Overall, the use of soundproofing in print shops is a timely and sensible investment for a more pleasant working environment and higher performance.

Comply with sound insulation limits with print shop walls for the sound insulation of sta

Measures are urgently needed to comply with statutory noise protection limits. One possibility for sound insulation is print shop walls that dampen the noise in the production halls. Depending on the printing process, such as commercial printing, gravure printing, newspaper printing or web offset printing, different sound insulation values can be achieved. The choice of the right soundproofing solution depends on various factors such as the size of the hall, the type of presses and the type of printing process. To achieve optimum sound insulation, companies should therefore call on the support of experts who can analyze individual requirements and recommend suitable print shop walls. Contact us without obligation and we will find the right soundproofing solution for your print shop.

Print store walls for every print store

The printing industry is known for its high noise levels, which can often lead to unpleasant noise levels for employees. Effective soundproofing is therefore of great importance in creating pleasant working conditions and avoiding adverse health effects. With our print shop walls, we offer the perfect solution for every print store. Not only do we combat the noise source of the folder with enclosures, but noise-absorbing wall cladding also reduces the general acoustic environment in print shops. In addition, control consoles around the control panel protect the operator from annoying continuous noise. Our soundproofing solutions thus make a significant contribution to improving working conditions and increasing productivity in your plant.