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You have a production hall and several work areas with different noise sources? Achieve a maximum noise protection effect with our partition walls. Due to absorbing surfaces, our noise barriers audibly reduce the reflected sound in your production halls.


sta-logo Sound barriers reduce the overall noise level of your production facility by acoustically separating noisy areas from quiet areas. The design of the wall modules is characterized by surrounding frame profiles and high-quality painted surfaces. They are therefore not only suitable for production facilities, but are equally perfect for planning areas and open-plan offices.


  • Separation of hall areas
  • Containment and partitioning of welding or grinding workplaces
  • Workplace partitions in open-plan offices

Modular partition systems grow according to your needs:

  • Partition walls are stationary or mobile
  • Partition walls are optionally equipped with glazing
  • Partition walls can be designed to be absorbent on one or both sides
  • Partition walls are free-standing or installed with wall and ceiling connection
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Partition wall soundproofing for a pleasant working atmosphere

Sta partition wall systems are perfect for separating different work areas from each other. Often there are many different plants in an industrial hall and therefore also many different noise sources. With the help of a soundproof partition, you can not only visually separate areas from each other, but also keep out disturbing noise. In this way, the overall noise level in your hall will be smaller and more pleasant. With us you can choose between many different partition solutions. Whether you are looking for a mobile partition wall or a glass partition wall, we have what you are looking for. Feel free to contact us and get professional advice. We design individual solutions for our customers.

Room dividers sound insulation are worthwhile

In order for your employees to work in the best possible working atmosphere, partitions that serve as soundproofing are essential. Disturbing noises distract and are very stressful in the long run. The productivity and satisfaction of your employees decreases. This is certainly not in your interest. We recommend that you invest in high-quality soundproof partition walls and use them to create a good working environment. For example, do you perform welding or grinding work in your production facility? Then you know that these can be a big disturbance factor. With a first-class sound partition you can easily counteract this disturbing factor. Since all our soundproof partition walls can be individually adapted to the needs of our customers, we can also create and implement room divider soundproofing solutions perfectly adapted to your company.

A wide range of options when it comes to soundproof partition walls

Whether mobile or stationary soundproof partition, we at Sta provide our customers with a variety of options. Our soundproof partition walls can also be connected to walls and ceilings, as well as stand completely free in the room. Depending on how the premises of your company are structured, different types of a partition soundproofing are suitable. Due to the surrounding frame profiles as well as high-quality painted surfaces, a Sta soundproof partition can be used not only in industrial halls, but also wonderfully for office areas. In open offices, this is super practical for separating work areas. This way, your employees can attend meetings or make calls without being disturbed.

Soundproof partition drywall – fast assembly

We at Sta work solution-oriented. Let us advise you on the subject of sound insulation partition wall. Together with you, we will develop a concept that is perfectly adapted to your conditions. Directly on site we can carry out precise analyses to detect the requirements of your company. Often, optimal solutions are created by combining different modules with each other. For example, we can erect soundproof booths as well as soundproof partition walls for you. At Sta, we provide effective sound insulation so that you can improve the working conditions in your company in the long term. You are welcome to inform yourself about our offers on our website or contact us if you wish an individual, non-binding consultation. We will be happy to help you!

High quality sound insulation partition wall industry from Sta

Industrial halls are noisy in most cases. This is primarily due to the variety of work that is performed in an industrial hall. Since these are often carried out in parallel and the use of machinery and equipment is essential, the noise level can rise very quickly. We at Sta help you to significantly reduce all occurring noises and thus bring them to a comfortable level. In this way, we succeed in creating a healthy working environment for you and your employees. After contacting us, we will develop a plan tailored to your needs, which our highly qualified staff will then implement for you in a timely manner. Our quick installation will ensure that you don’t have to work in a stressful work environment any longer than necessary. Contact us immediately and let us design your personalized soundproof partition wall. If you, as a manager, offer your employees a pleasant working environment, you will enjoy satisfied employees who will help the company to advance in the long run.

Install partition wall soundproofing and optimize work processes

Not only in industrial halls, but also in workshops, for example, sound insulation may be necessary. In any company where loud noises are generated on a daily basis, action should be taken in the long term. In workshops where, for example, drilling, sawing and welding are carried out, loud noises are unavoidable. Therefore, protect your health and that of your employees by having soundproof partition walls installed. At Sta you will find high-quality soundproof partition walls at fair conditions. A sound insulation partition wall from our company is characterized by premium quality. Once you invest in high-quality soundproofing systems, you will benefit from them for many years to come. Dare to take the step and install a partition wall with sound insulation. You will quickly notice what an optimization such a sound insulation means for your everyday work. This will also have a positive effect on the success and productivity of your company in the long term.