Office partition walls for sound insulation

Sound and noise protection for your employees

Optimizing the working environment with office partitions for sound insulation from sta

In order to create a productive and efficient working environment, it is important to minimize the noise factor. Office partition walls with sound insulation from sta are an indispensable aid here. They make it possible to create quiet zones and screen out disturbing noises from outside and inside. This allows employees to concentrate better and complete tasks more quickly.

As an office partition wall manufacturer, we also offer a wide range of office partition walls that are both functional and aesthetic. This makes it possible to combine several advantages and create a pleasant working atmosphere.

Office partition wall – increased sound insulation with sta

An office can be a noisy and hectic place, but with office partitions with increased sound insulation, you can concentrate with ease. Our office partitions are specially manufactured to reduce sound within a room, allowing you to work undisturbed. They not only provide acoustic privacy, but also offer visual separation between work areas.

Sound insulation office partition walls DIN 4109

Investing in office partitions with soundproofing can be the right choice for a productive working environment.

An office partition wall with sound insulation can significantly reduce the noise level in the office and help employees to concentrate better and work more productively.

It should be noted that the sound insulation should meet certain standards. This is where DIN 4109 comes into play, as this standard is the benchmark for sound insulation requirements for buildings and can also be applied to soundproof office partition walls. And all our soundproof office partition walls comply with this standard.

Opt for an office partition wall with sound insulation from sta and make the right choice for your employees.

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Sound insulation requirements for office partition walls explained in detail once again

The sound insulation requirements for office partition walls are defined in various standards and guidelines. One of the most important is DIN 4109-1: Sound insulation in buildings from January 2018, which defines the minimum requirements for airborne sound insulation between rooms.

Other relevant standards are VDI 4100:2012-10 and DEGA Recommendation 103:2018-01, which also relate to sound insulation between rooms and can provide useful guidelines for the design of office partitions.

Another important aspect of soundproofing is sound insulation. All our products have been developed with sound insulation in mind, as this is a crucial requirement for an effective working environment.

Office partition walls for sound insulation from sta – from concept to reality

Office work can sometimes be very loud and the constant background noise can be annoying. That’s why it’s important to consider soundproofing in offices. Office partitions are an excellent solution to minimize noise and create a more pleasant working environment.

With office partitions, employees can work in a more focused way without being constantly distracted by noise. At sta, we are a leading manufacturer of office partitions with a soundproofing function and offer a wide range of solutions tailored to the needs of every office, from design to implementation.

Create a pleasant working environment without distractions from outside noise with soundproof office partitions!

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