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Protecting the health of employees should be the top priority for every employer, regardless of the area of activity. It is not uncommon for workers to be exposed to high levels of noise while performing everyday tasks.

Damage to hearing is also a health hazard and requires appropriate protective measures. We at

sta-logo offer the optimal solution! Our mobile noise barrier is designed to reduce noise pollution arising at the workplace by effectively attenuating sound.

Since our noise barrier is mobile, you can provide the noise source locally with preventive measures and thus ensure a quieter working environment.

With the help of our products, your employees are exposed to significantly lower noise levels, so that hearing is significantly less stressed. In this way, mobile sound barriers can have a significant effect on maintaining health. Since hearing can suffer long-term damage from exposure, an investment in our mobile sound barrier is recommended for any concerned employer.

Mobile sound barrier can be implemented indoors and in a wide variety of outdoor areas

With the help of our solution, the mobile sound barrier can protect industry, more precisely the workers, in everyday life. Depending on the industry and activity, employees are more or less confronted with constant sound. Protective devices such as ours can be used in all areas. For example, you can install a mobile sound barrier inside. In this way you can modify open-plan offices and all workplaces. The partition walls are especially recommended for industrial areas for enclosing machines and similar noise- and emission-generating devices.

The targeted placement of the sound barrier mobile can attenuate the sound at the source and thus reduce the noise level. The mobile noise barrier outdoor is equally suitable. Here, too, our qualitative solution can ensure that your employees are effectively protected from health diseases of the auditory canal. Invest now in mobile noise barriers outdoor and set an example as an employer.

We make sound insulation mobile - a flexible solution for maintaining health

A mobile noise barrier from sta-logo can be used in a wide variety of areas. This means that you are not bound to any fixed structures and can set up your mobile noise barrier outdoors or indoors as required. In this way, we also enable you to cover and dampen temporary noise sources. For example, the mobile sound barrier can protect construction site or any other temporary device from emitting sound waves. We enable you to protect your operators on machines.

Our solution also includes protective measures such as fire-resistant glazing and fire doors, so that sufficient safety is also provided in the area of laser technology. Our soundproofing solution aims to enable health protection in the workplace while providing a pleasantly quiet working environment. Whether in an open-plan office or on a construction site, our mobile noise barrier provides effective protection in a flexible manner and also contributes to a sustainable reduction in workplace sickness.

Individual measures against occupational diseases - mobile noise barrier industry

We at sta-logo offer our customers an individual and effective solution to protect workers at the workplace from health hazards such as high noise pollution. Mobile noise barriers can be used flexibly and are therefore compatible with any area of application. Due to their modular design, mobile noise barriers can be sta-logo ideally fit into different premises. There is also the possibility to provide the mobile soundproof wall with fire protection glazing on the outside, so that you can additionally protect your personnel from other sources of danger such as fire, if required.

We focus on equipping your desired area with the right security measures in a solution-oriented manner so that you and your employees are always protected. You can also ask about special product details or questions during a comprehensive consultation with our professional experts. We place great emphasis on providing reliable, flexible and customized service and solutions. Trust the many years of expertise of sta-logo .

Effectively reduce exposure to sound levels

If you want to apply a mobile sound barrier outside, our solution is ideal for you. Regardless of the place of use, you can be sure that our products effectively capture and attenuate sound. The sound pollution is measurably lower with the help of our mobile sound barrier. To make this possible, we use highly professional techniques and qualitative materials in the production process. Our soundproofing products meet industry-specific requirements for occupational health and safety and are thus certified effective.

Many customers already rely on our expertise. Become a part of it and ensure adequate protection and quietness in your company. Our mobile noise barrier industry can be integrated into a wide range of projects and plans and modified as required. Our experts can help you to locate the sources of noise through individual analysis and sound level measurements on site in order to design the best solution for your premises together with you.

Mobile noise barriers - an investment that pays off in the long term

Mobile noise barriers outdoors as well as indoors primarily serve to protect the health of your employees. By effectively attenuating noise levels, you as an employer can take measures against occupational diseases such as long-term hearing loss.

A mobile noise barrier from sta-logo can also bring several other benefits to everyday work. Due to the significantly reduced background noise, you can not only shape the health, but also increase the productivity of your workers.

This includes an increased satisfaction of the workforce by providing a pleasant working environment. Set an example as an employer and invest in the health and protection of your skilled workers. What’s more, our proven soundproofing solutions can be customized to fit your space, making our solution versatile. Our modern approach to modular construction makes it possible to cover stairs, landings, stages or even several floors of a facility with a sound barrier in a mobile and effective way.

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