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Banish the noise from your environment

Through individual noise abatement, we are able to better and better eliminate noise sources in industrial plants. sta-logo has technologies at its disposal that have been tried and tested for decades and have been carried forward to effectively eliminate noise. Particularly in high-tech metal processing, noise cannot always be controlled directly in the machine. The solution for large machines or long production lines is complete enclosure. For smaller machines, the most effective noise reduction can be achieved by partial enclosures or smaller sound enclosures.


The modular construction system of sta-logo is highly variable and can be adapted to the conditions in your hall. The cladding of the machine is optimally planned to save space.

Sound insulation cladding is only effective if the sound cannot escape anywhere. That is why sta-logo works with sound enclosures when openings for material or air are necessary.

Enclosures cannot be walked on during the working process, but are controlled by the operator from the outside. The process is monitored via viewing windows or screens.

For safety reasons, machines can only be started when all doors and openings are closed. In this way, machine enclosures and machine cladding protect both man and machine.

Adapt sta-logo enclosures to your conditions:

  • Openings for air and material are designed with sound locks
  • Different insulation materials depending on sound requirements
  • Even sheet metal enclosures without sound insulation are possible
  • Lifting and sliding gates are driven manually or electrically
  • Safety doors are equipped with safety switches in accordance with UVV (accident prevention regulations)
  • Protective grids and fences secure hazardous or endangered areas
  • Large-volume ventilation and exhaust systems for generators, turbines or CHPs

Banish the noise! sta-logo develops enclosures for:

  • general mechanical engineering
  • crushers
  • planing and milling machines
  • water and sand blasting machines
  • press lines
  • laser machines
  • Machining plants
  • Foundries
  • Grinding machines
  • Test benches
  • Turbines
  • Generators
  • Combined heat and power plants (CHP)
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Machine enclosures from sta reduce the burden on health in everyday working life

The extent of occupational diseases is enormously underestimated, especially in everyday working life. A large number of employees in all branches of industry are constantly exposed to factors that are harmful to their health. Hearing, in particular, is under great strain in this context. Loud operating machines drive the noise level up and leave long-term damage. sta has a valuable solution for this – machine enclosures for noise protection. By enclosing machines, you can ensure that your employees are exposed to a noticeably reduced noise level and can thus protect the health of your personnel. Be a role model and put the safety of your employees first.

Advanced solution against sound generated hazards - enclosures industry

sta uses valuable technological knowledge as a measure to produce machine enclosures as reliable sound protection for industrial use. With our machine enclosures, we lead all industries in helping employers reduce occupational hazards such as hearing damage caused by high sound levels. Our experienced engineers perform numerous on-site sound level measurements and analyze the requirements of the machine enclosures in light of specific causes. In this way, we succeed in identifying the strong danger zones and, with the help of our machine enclosure, actively mitigate the consequences of sound generation. Furthermore, fireproof glazing and fire doors serve to provide additional safety. Machine enclosures are a valuable and sensible investment for any industrial sector where employees are exposed to driving noise levels and similar related machine hazards. Rely on sta’s expertise to keep your workplace safe.

Our machine enclosures meet more than the legal requirements

The enclosures for sta machines are advanced measures to protect the health and safety of people in the workplace. Due to the high level of expertise, our engineer:s manage not only to comply with the minimum legal requirements for sound insulation, but even to fall below them. Our machine containers noticeably reduce the effects of high noise levels from machines and similar equipment. In addition to hearing damage, there are other dangers lurking in the operation and commissioning of machines in industry. Fire protection and laser protection for the operating personnel must also be ensured. Our machine enclosures meet the requirements for fire protection measures through special glazing and other components. For example, employees in the laser technology sector also benefit from the additional safety provided by machine enclosures consisting of Aluminimum cassettes. We provide you with confidential and sophisticated safety precautions for your industrial operation.

Industrial enclosures - many industry employees need noise protection to preserve the health of their hearing

Quite a few industries are affected by high sound levels. Accordingly, occupational diseases occur more frequently in these industrial sectors. From general engineering to metal or wood processing, many industries rely on the use of machinery to keep business running. Likewise, the automotive industry and its suppliers are affected by these conditions. Whether it’s the concrete industry, laser technology, or the chemical sector, keeping your valuable workforce healthy should be a high priority. In order for you, as an employer of any industrial sector, to prevent damage to the health of your employees, you should consider the use of machine enclosures. Not only will you create a more comfortable work environment, but more importantly, you will be proactive in reducing harmful noise exposure and associated occupational illnesses. Don’t wait for the worst to happen, reduce the impact of the cause directly with machine enclosures from sta.

Machine enclosure - your customized solution for optimal noise protection

Our service offer goes beyond the mere provision of high-quality enclosures for machines. We offer you an individual solution to provide your employees with sufficient noise protection from machines and the like. Standard components can be individually modularly assembled as required to optimally equip your industrial plant. Due to the individual adaptation of the modular systems to your conditions and needs, the safety precaution can be implemented at any location. The additional possibility to extend or combine the modules makes it possible for you to use sta your machine enclosure flexibly and individually. Our practical approach thus transforms standardized components and transforms you into a machine container solution ideally suited to you. Do not wait any longer and create with sta your optimal measure against health-damaging continuous noise of machine commissioning. Thanks to the advanced modular system, our machine enclosures can be used anywhere and without any problems, so that you can always guarantee safety for your employees.

With our help you protect the health of your employees

At sta, we convince not only with our sound insulation technologies of the machine enclosure. In addition to the individual composition of the modular standard modules, you can also benefit from fast expert assembly. You can also take advantage of our short delivery times for machine enclosures. Our soundproofing solution represents a cost-effective measure to protect your operating personnel from lasting damage to their health. Due to the professional assembly and implementation of the system by our expert personnel, you can be sure that the enclosure of machines at your workplace will be implemented carefully and reliably. Our Expert:inside will be at your side throughout the entire process with advice and support to meet your needs and deliver an individual soundproofing solution for your company. Let us advise you and implement our machine enclosures in your company in no time.