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Control stations are the brain of your production. sta-logo plans, designs and develops control, guidance and test stations for your production. In the sound-proofed cabins, a pleasant working atmosphere and high-tech come together. The control stations are adapted to the needs of the work situation and individually equipped. From floor to ceiling. Plan your control station with us!


Modern control stations increase the quality of the workplace and reduce the immissions of your employees. Our modular design also allows the installation of control stations in complex plants. They can be realized in several floors or also elevated as a stage. We supply the necessary stairs, platforms, railings and safety equipment.

Control stations from sta-logo are used at these production sites:

  • general mechanical engineering
  • steel processing
  • printing plants
  • concrete industry


  • control stands can be combined in several floors and layouts
  • Staircases and railings comply with legal protection requirements
  • In addition to sound insulation, additional thermal insulation is achieved
  • Different insulation materials according to sound requirements
  • Safety doors are equipped with safety switches in accordance with UVV (accident prevention regulations)
  • Varying forms of lighting: Linear luminaires or LED
  • Several variants for glazing: polycarbonate, Ipaphon, safety glass, anti-reflective glass
  • Access options through hinged doors, sliding doors, angled sliding doors
  • Ventilation by fans through baffles or silencers
  • Air conditioning
  • Double cable floors
  • Acoustic ceilings
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Individual and soundproofed control stations from sta

Control stations are indispensable in many industries. They serve as a central control and monitoring unit and ensure efficient operation. It is important that the control stations are individually designed and soundproofed. These requirements are particularly important in areas such as general mechanical engineering, steel processing, printing plants or the concrete industry. Individual control stations guarantee the best work results due to an exact alignment to the respective conditions. Sound-proofed control stations also ensure a pleasant working environment and contribute to the health of employees. Ask us today without obligation for your control stations, we will be happy to advise you.

The benefits of upgrading to modern control stations for improved noise control in industry

Modern control stations offer numerous advantages in industry, especially when it comes to improved sound insulation. Upgrading to a modern control station can help significantly reduce sound pollution in the surrounding area. Unlike older, traditional control rooms, more modern models are able to effectively dampen and absorb sound by utilizing special materials and technologies. In addition, modern control stations can also boast other benefits, such as improved situational awareness, increased efficiency and greater control over workflow. All of these factors contribute to optimal working conditions that benefit both workers and the company.

Take industrial soundproofing to a new level with a control station from sta

Thanks to sta’s advanced control stations, industrial noise control in your company is taken to a new level. With the help of innovative technology, companies can coordinate and optimize their protection measures more effectively. Our control stations allow users to collect, analyze and visualize data in real time to ensure the best possible noise control. In addition, control stations can be customized to meet the individual needs of each company. With this intelligent noise control system, we at sta offer a reliable solution for industrial companies that want to effectively protect their employees and the surrounding area from noise pollution.

Unleash the full potential of your industry with perfectly designed control rooms with sound insulation

The industry is a demanding and multi-layered one. To be successful, companies not only need to use the latest technologies and applications, but also handle them in an efficient and safe manner. A critical component of this is the control center. If you want to unleash the full potential of your industry and ensure maximum efficiency and safety, it is essential to design your control room to perfection. By using soundproofing, you can reduce the background noise in your work area and make your operation even more effective and productive. Unleash the full potential of your industry with perfectly designed control stations and create a safe and comfortable working environment for your team.