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Decentralized power generation is an issue for us. Do you operate CHP units, generators, turbines or emergency power generators? Plant cooling and sound insulation go hand in hand at sta-logo . Our supply and exhaust air systems with up to 80,000m³/h are used to dissipate the heat generated in CHP units. Use the components of sta-logo sound insulation and ventilation in combination.


Sound insulation measures from sta-logo reduce the noise level and at the same time minimize your operating costs through efficient cooling systems. In addition, the customized ventilation systems ensure the function of the power plant. All applicable standards for the protection of people at workplaces and in the neighborhood of your company are taken into account.


  • Ventilation components are air filters G4 to F7, multileaf dampers, splitter attenuators, fire dampers, fans, air ducts and fittings according to DIN 24190
  • Adjustment dampers can be operated mechanically or electrically
  • Maintenance and access doors, or windows if required, facilitate inspection and maintenance of the power plant and serve safety purposes
  • Silencers on weather louvers limit sound radiation into the neighborhood
  • Supply and exhaust fans can be equipped with explosion protection and frequency converters
  • Crane rails for service and replacement work on the unit
  • Combined heat and power units (CHP)
  • Turbines
  • Emergency power generators
  • Generators
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Reduce costs with soundproofing ventilation systems from sta

Sound insulation in ventilation systems is an important matter for minimizing ambient noise emissions and reducing energy costs at the same time. Crucial for this are high-quality soundproof ventilation systems from sta, which ensure maximum sound insulation through optimized design and material selection. In addition to low-noise operation, the use of such systems can also save energy. Thanks to their highly efficient heat recovery, the system absorbs less energy and thus reduces the energy demand. So using soundproof ventilation systems will not only give you a quieter room, but will also pay off in the form of lower energy costs.

Areas of application of our soundproof ventilation systems

If soundproof ventilation systems are used to reduce disturbing noise, this can be advantageous in various areas of application. For example, ventilation systems with sound insulation are used in combined heat and power plants (CHPs) to minimize noise emissions. The use of such ventilation systems has also proven successful in turbines or emergency power generators. This reduces the sound pressure inside the plant and thus ensures a more pleasant working environment. However, protection against noise is not only an important issue for employees and operators. Residents and the surrounding area also benefit from a ventilation system with sound insulation, as this reduces noise emissions.

Reduce noise levels and lower operating costs – with a ventilation system sound insulation is possible

Our noise control ventilation systems are used in various applications. For example, they can protect combined heat and power plants (CHPs) from unwanted noise emissions. Our ventilation systems also ensure a low-noise environment for turbines, emergency power generators and generators. These soundproof ventilation systems offer numerous benefits, such as a more comfortable work atmosphere, protection from noise damage, and better communication capabilities. Our company prides itself on producing high quality and reliable ventilation system soundproofing products that meet the demands of our customers.

Individual options for the industry with a ventilation system soundproofing

A ventilation system is not only used to regulate the air quality and temperature in an industrial building. It can also make an important contribution to noise control. Effective noise reduction is essential, especially in heavily frequented production facilities or in machines with high sound levels. This is where soundproof ventilation systems come into play, significantly reducing noise levels. Individual planning of your noise control ventilation system with sta enables a tailor-made solution for every company and every production environment. Not only can employees be protected from noise that is harmful to health, but the environmental impact of noise pollution can also be reduced.

The advantages of a quieter environment of decentralized energy production thanks to a soundproof ventilation system

Decentralized energy generation offers many advantages for the environment and the energy industry. But noise pollution must also be taken into account to create a pleasant environment. Our soundproofing ventilation systems can help, as they effectively reduce the noise generated by the energy generation processes. Thanks to our soundproofing ventilation system, it is possible to create a quieter environment where people feel comfortable and their health is not affected. In addition, soundproof ventilation system is a sustainable solution and thus also supports the environmental friendliness of decentralized energy production.

For these reasons you should choose sta

When it comes to sound insulation for ventilation systems, you should choose us. Why? Because we are flexible and can offer solutions tailored specifically to our customers’ needs. We use smart price-performance strategies to ensure that our customers always get the best value for their money. In addition, we work with a targeted and desire-driven approach to deliver customized solutions that are perfectly tailored to each customer’s needs. And with our end-to-end service, sta customers can get everything from a single source – from project support to implementation. So when it comes to sound insulation for ventilation systems, you should rely on our expertise and holistic approach.

Maintenance and upgrade of your soundproof ventilation system for optimal performance

A soundproof ventilation system is an important part of any building, helping to minimize noise and unwanted background noise. To ensure optimal performance of your soundproofing ventilation system, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance and upgrades. A well-maintained ventilation system can help you reduce your energy costs and improve the indoor environment. In addition, regular maintenance ensures that the ventilation system lasts longer, protecting your investment. Therefore, trust our experienced team to have your soundproof ventilation system optimally maintained and upgraded.