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quality management

Quality is an attitude

Sound insulation is important for preserving health and thus, quality comes first. Quality means, to do the right things in the right way. sta would like to place all its long-lasting experience in sound insulation at your disposal. We are sure that our products will be rewarding for you in the short or long term.

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These are our standards

Working people as beneficiary  |  The ear is the most sensible sensory organ of a human being. A pleasant sound level is one of the most important requirements for concentration and long-lasting health. Our product systems lower measurably the sound level at workplaces.

Intensive planning  |  Sound insulation measurements have to be practicable and efficient, furthermore they have to meet the cost-efficiency aspect. The key to it is an intensive planning. Qualified measurements on site are the basis for our sound insulation concepts.

Consulting  |  A qualified, in our company trained team of specialists consults you and clarifies with you the basic parameters for your sound insulating and construction measures. We are at your disposal during realization, and of course after assembly, whenever you have any questions.

Our products are reliable  |  Our modular components are tested and reliable in practice for a long period of time. We guarantee that you will receive a safe and reliable product, whether you choose a sound insulation wall or an enclosure.

Certification  |  Our sound insulation systems meet all requirements of a systematical and effective safety at work on basis of the branch-specific implementation NLF/ILO-OSH 2001 of the procedural principle for the auditing of safety at work management systems and according to OHSAS 18001:2007.

Progress in Quality  |  sta aims to control and to optimize all performances and processes. Internal and external quality controls guarantee an optimum level of quality for our products and processes.