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sound insulation ventilation systems

Energy production: cost reduction with ventilation systems by sta

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Decentralised energy supply is a topic for us. Do you have a cogeneration unit, generators, turbines or emergency generators? Cooling and sound insulation by sta join together. Our intake and exhaust air system removes heat up to a volume of up to 80.000m³/h.

Your benefit |
Sound insulation measurements by sta reduce the noise level and minimize at the same time your costs with efficient cooling systems. Furthermore, the customized ventilation systems secure the function of the power station. All legal norms for the protection of employees as well as for the surrounding of your enterprise will be considered.

The components of sound insulation and ventilation are:

  • Ventilation components are air filters G4 to F7, multi-leaf dampers, silencers, fire dampers, fans, air ducts and moulded parts according to DIN 24190
  • Adjustment flaps are manually or electrically operable
  • Maintenance doors or (if required) windows facilitate service and maintenance of the power plant and improve safety.
  • Silencers at weather protection grids limit the sound radiation in the neighborhood
  • Exhaust /supply fans can be equipped with explosion protection and frequency converter
  • Crane rails for maintenance works at the unit

In these cases sound insulation is combined with a ventilation system by sta

  • Cogeneration units
  • Turbines
  • Emergency generator
  • Generators

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