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sound insulation cabins

Work with highest concentration – no problem with sound insulation cabins by sta

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A high noise level lowers the concentration and the efficiency of the employees. Closed sound insulation cabins keep noise away from the employees. sta develops with you the best of all sound insulation solutions. Your sound insulation cabin is planned, constructed, produced and finally assembled according to your requirements profile.

Your benefits | Concentration and efficiency increase if your employees can work without noise pollution. Consistent noise protection with sound insulation cabins reduces error rates in your production.

The interior space of sound insulation cabins is in contrast to enclosures accessible. Concerning construction, sound insulation, accessibility and ventilation, sta offers a wide range of versions and options. However the space conditions are – sta sound insulation cabins will fit in perfectly!

Adapt your modular sound insulation cabin to your rooms and machines:

  • openings for air and material realized by noise locks
  • light barrier systems for material locks
  • different insulation material according to client’s requirements
  • sta sound insulation cabins are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • varied lighting forms: linear luminaire or LED
  • different versions of glazing: polycarbonate, ipaphone, safety glass
  • access possibilities by wing doors, sliding doors or prismatic sliding doors
  • aeriation and ventilation by fans, elements or silencer

sta sound insulation cabins may be the solution for:

  • control stands in industrial plants
  • test cabins for measurements during serial production
  • control station for assembly lines

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