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sound insulation control stands

Intensive Silence Inside. Productive Machinery Outside. – Control Stands by sta

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Control stands are the brain of your production. sta plans, constructs and develops control stands, control stations and test stands for your production plant. Within sound-insulated cabins, pleasant working atmosphere meets with high tech. The control stands were adapted to the requirements of the work situation and are individually equipped.

Your benefits |
Modern control stands increase the work place quality and reduce the immission loads on the employees. The modular construction enables the installation of control stands in complex systems. They can be realized on several storeys or elevated as a stage. We deliver the necessary stairs, platforms, rails and safety devices.

From the ground to the ceiling. Plan your control stand:

  • Control stands can be combined by several storeys and ground plans
  • Stairs and railings meet the legal protective measures
  • Besides sound insulation thermal insulation is achieved
  • Different insulation materials depending on the sound insulation demand
  • Safety door are equipped with safety switches according to UVV
  • varied lighting forms: linear luminaires or LED
  • Different varieties of glazing: polycarbonate, ipaphone, safety glass, anti-reflective glass
  • Access posibilities by wing doors, sliding doors or prismatic sliding doors
  • Aeriation and ventilation by fans, elements or silencer
  • Air condition
  • Cable double floor
  • Acoustic ceiling

    Control stands made by sta are used at the following production plants:

    • general engineering
    • metal processing
    • printing industry
    • concrete industry

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