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sound insulation casings

Dispel noise from your surrondings with enclosures by sta.

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By individual noise prevention we are able to stop noise sources in industrial businesses. sta has decade-long developped technologies to exclude noise effectively.

Particularly in the case of high-tech metal processing noise cannot always be controlled in the machine itself. The solution for large machines and long assembly lines is the complete casing. In case of smaller machines the highest noise reduction can be reached by a part enclosure or a smaller sound enclosure.

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The module system of sta is highly variable and can be adapted to the requirements in your hall. The machine casing will be planned efficiently and space saving.

A sound insulation is only effective, if the sound cannot leave it. For this reason, sta works with sound locks if openings for air or material are necessary. Enclosures are not accessible during work processes, they are controlled by the operator from the outside.

The process is controlled via monitors or windows. Due to safety reasons, machines can only be started if all doors and openings are closed.

By this, enclosures and machine casing protect man and machine in the same way.

Adapt sta enclosures to your requirements:

  • openings for air and material are made with sound locks
  • Different isolation materials according to different requirements
  • Sheet enclosures without sound insulation are possible
  • Lift and sliding gates have a manual or electrical drive
  • Security doors are equipped with safety switches according to accident prevention rules
  • Protection grids and protection fences secure dangerous areas
  • High-Volume aeriation and ventilation for generators, turbines or cogeneration plants

Dispel the noise! sta develops enclosures for:

  • engineering
  • crushers
  • slicers and milling
  • water jet cutting and sandblasting plants
  • press lines
  • laser plants
  • metal cutting
  • foundries
  • grinding machines
  • test benches
  • turbines
  • generators
  • cogeneration unit

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