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In many industries and companies, the use of modern and powerful machines such as industrial lasers is part of the daily work process. In this way, many processes can be optimized and advanced. However, the health of the operating personnel must be put first and prioritized. A laser cabin can help to integrate necessary safety precautions in the workplace. When laser machines are put into operation, there is increased exposure to radiation, which can have a long-term effect on health.

Operating personnel are particularly affected by these stressful rays. As an employer, you can protect yourself with a laser protection cabin from sta-logo ensure that your employees are protected from serious hazards in the workplace. By using a laser protection cabin, the radiation from industrial lasers can be contained. Thus, our laser cabin is a reliable solution for the occupational safety of your operating personnel. Invest in the safety and health of your company!

sta-logo provides you with reliable laser protection booths for the protection of your personnel

Safety measures are indispensable when dealing with powerful machines. We at sta-logo provide you with laser cabins that offer your personnel the necessary protection in the workplace. The risks associated with the use of industrial lasers should not be underestimated. Increased laser radiation can have consequences that are hazardous to health or even life-threatening. Set an example as an employer and equip your company with sufficiently reliable protective measures. Are you interested in our laser protection cabinets? Let our qualified specialists inform and advise you.

Our years of expertise in the industry allow us to maintain qualitative standards of products as well as services. Due to the high level of quality, we are able to offer you reliable laser cabins. Above all, the choice of materials used in the production process plays a decisive role. With a high quality standard we succeed with sta-logo , to manufacture laser protection cabins that do not allow laser beams to penetrate. Thus, our products have the advantage that your operators are optimally protected and exposed to fewer hazards in the workplace.

Laser protection booths - a high-quality solution against increased radiation exposure

At sta-logo you can buy a laser safety booth according to your requirements. The professional safety equipment can be purchased in a wide variety of designs. Let our professional experts advise you to find the ideal solution for your application. During a consultation we will inform you about the advantages and possibilities of implementing a laser protection cabin. From one source you get sta-logo high-quality products to protect your employees as well as qualified services.

With our help you are well equipped! Choose between a wide variety of models of the laser cabin and provide your operating personnel with safety at work. By investing in a laser safety cabin, you can prevent dangerous situations in the machine room and preserve the health of the people around you. Create a safe working environment and protect your personnel from lasting damage to their health.

Invest in the safety of your personnel

Probably the most valuable resource of any company is its personnel. For this reason, it is particularly important to provide both a pleasant but especially a safe working environment. With a laser protection cabin from sta-logo you can effectively protect operating personnel from laser radiation. Due to the modular design of our laser protection solution, the safety precaution can be flexibly adapted and expanded to meet individual requirements. The laser cabins made of steel or aluminum cassettes can also be equipped with additional functionalities.

For example, you can purchase a laser protection cabin as a single-shell as well as a double-shell cabin. Laser protection glazing or safety switches on doors can also be optionally integrated into your solution against laser radiation. With the reliable and high-quality products from sta-logo you can cover your individual requirement to provide sufficient protection. Laser booths are an easily accessible way to secure the work environment when handling powerful industrial lasers. We at sta-logo offer optimal safety precautions for your company!

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