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Our Employees

Sound insulation and room systems are products for specialized work environments. New challenges arise day by day, which can only be solved in a good team. Sta has more than 100 employees from different fields who work interdisciplinarily on the common assignments.

And that’s what you can count on as a client, a colleague or a future employee.


Content Employees |  sta appreciates its employees and supports job security by career advancement by the management. We are pleased that sta has a very low employee turnover and a healthy age structure.

Loyalty to Location  |  We employ people from the local area and strengthen by this the base Hamm an der Sieg.

Education  |  Education is an important point for us. We care for the best skilled trainees for our company future.

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Specialists  |  Special skills and knowledge are essential in a highly specialized work environment. Our team comprises specialist engineers, technicians, production and assembly specialists.


These are our jobs
Mechanical engineer
Business engineer
Construction mechanics
Mechatronics technician
Electronics technician
Industrial manager
System planner
Assembly professional

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