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What we stand for

Wherever man and machine share industrial work space, efficient sound insulation and fostering spatial conditions are a commitment. We do our best to offer our clients customized solutions for individual sound insulation and good working conditions.

As a family company, norms and values are an important factor for us, especially regarding our clients, employees and business partners. Our values are our concept on the way to our corporate objectives. In all our actions we are aware of our economic and social responsibility.

These are our values

Commitment for our clients and for their employees  |  Productivity and humane working conditions are compatible in present day’s society. sta feels obliged to the client to create the best solution possible and to keep in view all economic aspects.

Individual solutions  |  Satisfied customers are the basis of our success. We attentively listen and combine our experiences with your requirements. Our module systems provide individual solutions by the flexible use of standard components. This makes our products cost-effective and highly individual.

Short runtime  |  Fast action is part of our business. The process from analysis to assembly is an efficient sequence of work steps. Our customers know when the finished product is available.

High quality standards  |  Sound insulation is import for preserving health and thus, quality comes first. Our sound reduction bases on profound analysis and definition of the causes. A qualified project team develops your sound insulation measurement and advises you competently – on site if required.

Loyalty to our employees  |  For us, an open and respectful way of dealing with others is the basis for the development of our company. Proposals and personal initiative are welcome. Our employees are the carriers of our know how. They are our greatest potential. We commit ourselves to foster our employees, to secure jobs and to a future-oriented employee management.

Commitment to the region  |  sta is a company with international operations and regional roots. The region westerwald with its people is the basis for our innovative progress.

Vocational education is our special interest  |  A profound education is the basis for a successful future. As a company, we are responsible for the following generation. sta is a training enterprise and offers several training professions. Traditional fields are electronics, construction mechanics, sales, and technical product design. Another major focus is a dual curriculum in industrial engineering and mechanical engineering.

Cross-generational thinking  |  We think of the following generations and make careful use of the existing resources. We work with innovative heating systems like district heat, heat recovery at our coating unit and power-saving lighting concepts.